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by way of his given name, ​Jonas Mark Robinson.

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Choose J. Mark Robinson, Attorney at Law to represent you in your Construction & Corporate Law needs be they residential, municipal, local, multi-state or federal. Regarding Construction Law representation, he and his engineer offer a solid team of which they are happy to come to your location. Arrangements can be made for him to come to your office if you are located out of town or located out of state but doing business in Louisiana. Of course, if you are a Louisiana business doing multi-state business for both Construction and Corporate law needs, give him a call. 


   ~25 years experience representing individuals, families, businesses, and regulatory agencies on the local, state, multi-state and federal level~




J. Mark Robinson, Attorney at Law

Office Line:  

(225) 246-2133


J. Mark Robinson's Construction Litigation experience has amounted to $13 million, $8 million international engineering in construction Settlement arising from construction activities following Hurricane Katrina and $650,000 with Lafourche Parish Arbitration win to name a few. His breadth of experience is substantial handling claims throughout Louisiana, Texas, California, and Tennessee.

​Please contact him for Contract Development, Red-lining, Dispute Resolution, Settlements and Litigation needs. For a list of relevant cases with their descriptions, don’t hesitate to contact the office so that a document can be emailed to you for your review. 


J. Mark Robinson's Corporate Law practice has spanned 25 years. He has represented sole proprietorships and public companies. He was instrumental in the reorganization of one of Louisiana's largest public companies in the early 2000s. The result of the reorganization was a savings of enormous tax and regulatory charges. Over the years, he has developed close relationships with his clients ensuring compliance with various regulators. He has negotiated and handled numerous asset acquisitions and sales as well as stock acquisitions and sales in the millions of dollars. He enjoys putting together Corporate and L.L.C. formations. As an Adjunct Professor at Southern University Law Center, he teaches a variety of Corporate Law Classes which keeps him on the cutting edge of Louisiana and Federal Law.